Welcome to M3rd.net, the network focused on the Mastery of your Mind as a trader, the Money You Attract and the Mission you design to improve yourself, your family, your community and your business.

Our motivation is simple:  To open the Mind of every participant by showing them the value of understanding the history Money for the purpose of attracting, managing and growing Real Money and Wealth. 

To design a Mission so big that it inspires you to enlist the help of everyone around you to make your visions come to life. 


Our Ready, Set, Launch Mini trading course will Introduce you to the world of Forex, Teach you the basics of technical analysis and walk you through setting up the platforms and tools you need to immerse yourself into the foreign exchange markets ASAP.  


Anthony Beedles
​Head Currency Instructor

Our Philosophy

The key to becoming a successful trader is not learning every indicator, knowing how to properly identify support and resistance or how to set a stop loss for your trades.  The key is mastering your mind and emotions as a trader, collecting enough data about yourself to diagnose your tendencies and how to improve your process to become a great trader over time.

Our Secret Sauce

We don't believe in recreating the wheel.  We have leveraged the knowledge and experience of the best trading psychologist, currency analyst and market professionals and our unique experience to deliver one of the best trading programs on the market today.  It is our mission to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of trading strategy, technology and mindset to provide the best opportunities for a winning career in trading. 


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